SavileRow Fashion - Custom Tailors Bangkok by Aron
  • Ruben Henriquez
    First of all, the personnel are topnotch! I became best friends with their tailors for the short time I was there. They are knowledgeable, extremely hospitable, personable, and of course, professional. Additionally, Savile Row Custom Tailors distinguishes itself from the sea of run of the mill tailors is their attention to detail, fit, and value. As a student, I can’t afford to spend thousands of dollars on a suit, never mind a bespoke outfit that fits me perfectly. But, at Savile Row Custom Tailors in Thailand, I was able to get six suits and twenty shirts for the price what I would have to pay for one designer ensemble.
    Ruben Henriquez
  • Simon Mayes
    Having ordered one tailor-made suit and one tailor made shirt as my first order, I was very impressed both with the communication from Savile Row and the way the transaction was dealt with. The fit and finish of the suit and shirt were excellent, as was the material. My request for rapid delivery was accommodated without problem, and the goods arrived in plenty of time for the wedding I was attending. I was very happy with the whole deal, and would recommend anyone to give Savile Row Custom Tailors an order in full confidence that your experience will be a good one. I will certainly be buying again - the value is terrific.
    Simon Mayes
  • Douglas Byrne
    My experience is extremely positive with Savile Row Tailor, from placing the order to receiving my custom made garments. The quality of materials ordered were just as specified. They have a wide range of materials for suits, pants, shirts, coats - even jeans. I am pleased with the quality of wool I ordered for my slacks, and saved more than 50% on similar orders from my local tailor. Workmanship is of good quality and details can be added to the order, for instance, silk lining and mother of pearl buttons.
    Douglas Byrne

Our Story?

Savile Row Fashion custom tailors makes men’s suits, slacks, trousers, shirts, jackets and tuxedos tailored by experienced craftsmen using high quality Italian fabrics.

Savile Row is an award-winning custom tailor located in the heart of Bangkok. With over 40 years of experience, we have serviced clients from around the world for over 3 generations. Savile Row provides top-notch custom clothing at very reasonable prices. Our tailors have built up local and international fame for their timeless style and peerless reputation.

Savile Row differs from the many other tailors advertised in Thailand through their uniquely high standard of service, impressive selection and unmatched delivery conditions to any destination worldwide.
The very central shop, located in Sukhumvit, close to the best international hotels (JW Marriott, Sheraton Grande, InterContinental…), offers premium and customized men’s clothing: such as custom suits, shirts, sport jackets, and pants tailored by professional custom tailors.

Why SavileRow

Styles include classic single-breasted suits, double-breasted blazers, chic three-button single-breasted jackets for men, double-breasted long jackets and single-breasted short jackets for women. Cuts can be from international fashion houses, or custom designed in-house, guided with both your references and preferences. Shirt styles range from the classic Italian forward points and English Broad collars, to button downs, spread or cut away collars and open neck (Hawaiian) collars with long or short sleeves and classic barrel cuffs or French cuffs. Options like pockets, cuffs, placate fronts, pleated back and monogramming are fully customizable.

Savile Row fabrics range from 100% cottons and linens, to pure Cashmere and Merino wool. They can also can use real kid Mohair for suits, and pure Egyptian cottons and Oxford for shirts. Overcoats can be sewn from 100% pure Italian cashmere. Of course this is also the place for pure Thai silk.

Men's Collection

SavileRow Fashion is committed to deliver the best for Men of all types, from trousers to shirts, to jackets and ties. We have plenty of fabric and designs to choose from. You may give us your style and we make it for you. What's more? We deliver it to your doorstep and get more discount when you order more.

Women's Collection

At SavileRow Fashion, we also take care of women's delicate and subtle needs of fabric and design. We are creative to meet women's needs of design. There are plenty of style to choose from, we customise your wedding dress, party dresses, suits, ties, pants and leather jackets. Need more? we are ready to deliver it to your doorstep and get a discount when you order more.

Wedding Dress

At Savile Row, we want to satisfy our customers need. Our one of the best custom tailor service is Wedding dress. Sit back and relax as we design your Perfect wedding dress for your perfect wedding day. We offer reasonable price for a couple to be. We can both design Man's suit that matches the women's wedding dress. Please visit SAVILEROW WEDDING BOUTIQUE

Leather Jackets

SavileRow offers custom tailor for leather jackets for men and women. Wanna look like celebrities wearing leather jackets that's perfectly fits on you? You have nowhere else to find for a perfect tailor that offers the best service. Savile Row Fashion will deliver it to your doorstep. We have a lot of leather types to choose from. Get more discount if you get more!