How it Works?


Thanks to referrals from our loyal following of clients and an excellent reputation the popularity of Savilerow is growing rapidly.

Please book an appointment to ensure we will be able to look after you.

Please email and let us know your schedule and preferred place for us to come meet you.


Your first visit to Savilerow usually requires 45 minutes to an hour. Although the measuring can take only 7 to 8 minutes. This is due to the substantial range of fabrics and options to go through.

After discussing your needs, preferences, and budget. You will be looked after by a member of our team and they will ensure fluidity throughout the fitting process.

Once that is all set, you will have your choice of fabric, pattern, and hue, from our world-class wools, wool blends, mohairs, cotton, and linens.

We have four floors of fabric racks and a catalog of fabric samples to choose from. While this may seem like a lot, we often drape the fabric over your shoulder to help you visualize your final look.

We will then go through the details and customizations of every single garment that you order. This will all be recorded on our forms and approved by you.

The beauty of custom clothing is that virtually everything is possible. Because of this, we offer our clients a plethora of options, up to 25 upper and lower body measurements (ladies are encouraged to bring shorts or trousers). This will ensure that we can craft a truly bespoke ensemble that is yours and yours alone.

Fabric is an expensive investment. The inherent nature of bespoke tailoring means it can only be cut once. Because of this, we require a 50% cash deposit in Thai Baht, Euros, USD, Canadian or Australian dollars, GBP or any other major currency.

After the finacing has been squared away, we will issue you with a receipt and book you in for your first fitting. We typically want to book you in for your first fitting the next day, but depending on your schedule we can work this out at the proper time.


When you enter you will be offered a cold drink, and your personal fitter will show you to one of our private fitting rooms where you can try on all of your garments.

One shirt will be complete at this time and any alterations will be recorded in order to correctly make any remaining shirts. Trousers will be complete but not hemmed and jackets will be at a very rough first stage.

We will then go through every detail of your shirt and pants with you. We encourage your input, let us know your thoughts and preferences. If you are at all unsure we will be happy to offer you our professional advice and stylistic opinion.

This fitting will usually take 20-25 minutes. We will try to schedule you for your next fitting the following day, depending on what you have ordered and your schedule.


This will take 20 minutes just like your first fitting. You will try on all your clothes again, and any remaining shirts will be completed, as will your trousers.

Your jacket will have much more structure and will be almost complete however, the sleeves will not be attached yet.

Finally, we will discuss again details such as the waist suppression of the jacket, lock in sleeve and jacket length, and address any of your (and our) concerns.

Throughout the fitting, we will offer skilled, and contemporary advice with regards to fit, style and the like.


Together we will check the fit and details of every garment on you to ensure they all meet your expectations and our high standards before undergoing final quality control procedures.

If there are any issues or changes to be made, we will not hesitate to schedule a fourth fitting. Typically if there are any minor adjustments, they will be done as you wait.

Once you have approved everything your bespoke clothing will be handed over to our dedicated quality control team who go over each and every garment with a fine-toothed comb. Depending on the number of garments this can take anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes.

Your items will finally be packed into one of our sturdy suit bags which fold in half for carrying convenience.The remainder of your bill will be paid at this time.


We produce really great quality products and enjoy are very high return rate of clientele. Many of our clients return year after year (and sometimes a few times a year). You can easily reorder online or by phone.

If you have gone through our detailed and extensive fitting process and ordered products we have all your sizes and preferences on file. This allows us to recreate your sizes and make any new garments you require without needing a fitting.