Leather Jacket



:Discerning users are more and more skipping brands, even the most famous ones, to acquire premium products. Legendary biker gangs, like the Hell’s Angels, showed the way to the nowadays elite wishing to exhibit its difference wearing what tailor pro leather best shop for custom tailored leather jackets bombers bikers for ladies gentlemen bangkok thailandis now an emblem: a custom made weather jacket.

You can be rich and rebel at the same time: leaving your Armani suit in your closet for a while, and wearing a casual yet so-chic James Dean, Arthur Fonzarelli or David Beckham style calf jacket as a second skin on your well shaped body!

So nice, so exclusive… so expensive? Indeed yes! Searching Google for custom made leather jackets, you will see by yourself that it might cost US$15,000 – 40,000 to afford such a luxury. Unless you would be wise enough to visit Thailand, our favourite country in South East Asia, where the Tailor Pro Leather Company has been designing and cutting leather garments since more than 40 years.



All our suits are made with top quality of 100% Italian wool fabrics, as well as 70% wool and 50/50 wools/cashmere blends for suits as per customer preference.

Stitching is prim and proper for the lining. There are a total of 4 inner pockets in the lining.
We do genuine working buttons on sleeves which you can roll up all the way.
Pipings of all colors are available to spice up the look of the jacket as well as giving the edges a trimmed look.

Protection buttons are attached behind each button, making the jacket extremely durable.

Suit and Design

Leather Straight Style Jacket

There's tons of design to choose from. Design your tailer wit us now.
Don’t hesitate, and call this elegant boutique for a visit: centrally located in Sukhumvit, it might be so close to your hotel: you will then see that, like pop and movie stars, sportsmen, and even royalties who have been amongst the first to discover and recommend Savilerow Leather many years ago, you can wear and purchase glamorous calf, sheep, goat, lambskin, and why not crocodile skin jackets for only THB 10,000 (US$ 300) – 95000 (US$ 2600) up for special orders.

Fendi or Valentino style, slim jackets for ladies; virile bombers or classy Emporio Armani refined Italian design for gents can be build quickly, though carefully and lovingly, after measurement. Successful fashion designers from around the world are ordering from SAVILEROW Leather for their best clients, satisfied by the mark of style, luxury, class and distinction of their certified 100% hand-made work: you can be sure that the quality and cut will meet your expectancy.


Latest Design Leather meets your style

Though we would rather advise to be your very own designer: choosing the material, shape, make, and type of leather, efficiently assisted like a star by a dedicated team of tailors, to have your 100% unique and so-sexy style: this is how you will feel supremely different and noticeable. There is something really special about wearing a top quality leather jacket designed by you, and made by a reputed tailor: you will feel this ecstatic impression on the first try, making you feel like you’ve owned it for years from the moment you put it on.

Because a leather jacket is a must in your closet, and because this is maybe your most unique, fetish like piece of clothes, make sure you purchase it from the best shop: SAVILEROW Leather has is most prestigious and reliable business card which we can handle you in Thailand.