Men's Collection


Men's Collection

The seasons are constantly changing, with our quality and reasonable pricing you now can have a gentlemen’s wardrobe for every season, why not select from our men’s heavy weight and light weight fabrics and get; Suits, Trousers, Jackets, Shirts, Slacksand Coats tailored to the seasons that you live in.

Special occasions occur all year round, be ready and get yourself a Tuxedo, we can provide all the necessary accessories so that you will always be ready for that special event looking like a movie star in your custom tailored Tuxedo.



All our suits are made with top quality of 100% Italian wool fabrics, as well as 70% wool and 50/50 wools/cashmere blends for suits as per customer preference.

Stitching is prim and proper for the lining. There are a total of 4 inner pockets in the lining.
We do genuine working buttons on sleeves which you can roll up all the way.
Pipings of all colors are available to spice up the look of the jacket as well as giving the edges a trimmed look.

Protection buttons are attached behind each button, making the jacket extremely durable.

Suit and Design


Our custom mode shirts are made with 100% cotton of the highest thread quality fabric used. We are able to do any kind of color, cuff, front pocket, back pocket and bottom styles possible.

Our skilled tailors use the top technology & machinery to create shirt patterns. We are renound for our incredible attention to detail in achieving your perfect fit.
We use Wendler Interlinings, the top machinery in this area to interline our shirts. This gives the shirts the right finishing as well as making it long lasting.
We make sure that stripes on the fabrics meet at the shoulder and arm seams.
Whether it is straight or round, any kind of bottom style is possible.

We make the most exclusive collars & cuffs with thick and soft finishes as well as neatly edged seams.



We make some of the finest trousers in the world. Below are some key features of our custom made trousers:

We carefully sew together striped fabric, making sure that the lines match where the fabrics meet.
All trousers are neatly hemmed with satin piping, giving the trousers more durability.
Once complete, our Quality Control staff will make sure that the measurements and styles are in place. The trousers are then ready to be sent off.
The waist band of the trousers is made of unbending and supportive features.

All edges and loops have no left over fabric, making the trousers look tidy.


Leather Jackets

Welcome to Savilerow Tailors Leather Section, having been in the business of style for many years, please watch the following video for an intro to our custom leather jackets. For any inquiries regarding our custom jackets please feel free to contact us and we will work with you to make the leather jacket of your dreams.



20 dollars per tie : more than 5 ties free shipment.

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